We have previously written about the “fun life” in the Russia-occupied Inkerman next to the crematorium of businessmen from “Econ”, who massively burn some “medical waste”. For some reason, there was much more smoke from such “waste” after the start of criminal mobilization, and especially in 2023.

Since the crematorium was naturally made according to the classic “and so it will do” for the Russian invaders, the stench from the more unnecessary parts of the “cargo 300” and other interesting things from the black bags in recent weeks filled the Inkerman Valley to such an extent that the criminal “administration” began imitation of violent activity.

It is noteworthy that the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, shaking the fetid atmosphere with angry speeches on this occasion, understands that if the biomass is not burned, then it will still “have to be put somewhere”, and the aggressor does not have another crematorium at hand in occupied Sevastopol.

At the same time, the occupiers are trying to “shift the last solution” to an obviously unsolvable task, and in this context a squabble began between the criminal “Health department director” Vitaly Denisov and the equally illegal “profile vice-governor” Alexander Kulagin, through whom multimillion scams with “contracts” for “Econ” passed by.

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