On December 3, the “drain tank” of Russian military propaganda, Talipov, who had previously unsuccessfully “fighted” with Kherson schoolgirls and Crimean infectious disease doctors, announced a new “shocking discovery”. As part of the so-called “beautification of Yevpatoria”, its curators identified seedlings allegedly “purchased in Ukraine, as well as in Italy”, and then planted for “arranging the Lazurnaya embankment”. It is worthwhile to “deal with” this “case” in order to show the primitive thinking of the “drain tank” by an example.

As for the “Ukrainian trees”, about which the border guard-loser comes out of anger, everything is extremely simple. The trees were massively stolen by the invaders of the aggressor from the nurseries of the Kherson region, and nothing prevented them from being in the occupied Yevpatoria as criminal “trophies”. No one will be surprised if the local criminal “administration” also decided to “recapture the money” on such a fictitious “purchase”, and therefore did not remove the tags and price tags from the stolen trees.

Italian seedlings theoretically could get to Yevpatoria in a similar way, from the Kherson region. However, the Vannucci Pianto company shown in the photographs does indeed have a small nursery near Florence, and, among other things, it was visited in 2017 by representatives of the “All-Russian Center for Plant Quarantine” in order to “certify materials for the Russian market.” Therefore, here the seedlings could get to Yevpatoria through Russia.

As we mentioned, Russian invaders destroy en masse the parks in Yevpatoria that were grown by Ukrainian authorities since 1958 and this do not disturb the “drain tanks”. In any case, the hysteria of the newly discovered “gardener” Talipov is quite comical: it is obvious that he and his curators criminally want the products of “Russian nurseries” to be planted near Crimea. However, the southern and arid climate of the occupied peninsula is obviously not suitable for such seedlings.

As well as for Talipov himself.

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