As we wrote earlier, the aggressor is actively using the illegal “Crimean” operator “Miranda Media” in the occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, in particular, to provide illegal mobile communications.

Functionary of “Rostelecom” Ivan Zima, transferred the aggressor in November 2022, both in “Miranda-Media” and in the illegal “Krymtelecom”, “coincided” with fake “personnel changes” in the criminal “administrations” of the Russian occupiers in Henichesk and Melitopol.

There, in the field of “information technology”, respectively, the former criminal “Donetsk functionary” Nikita Borodin and the illegal “Sevastopol vice-governor” Sergey Tolmachev “marked themselves”, respectively.

We already wrote about Ivan Zima’s criminal announcements in January at a fake “forum” in Russain-occupied Yevpatoria, which promised to expand the criminal “zone of control” of “Miranda Media” and “Krymtelecom”, both to the occupied south of Ukraine, including mainland areas, and to occupied Donetsk with Lugansk.

In the development of this criminal epic, on February 1, the Russian invaders announced to the residents of Melitopol that the Internet would be “temporarily unavailable” due to supposedly some “repair work on the cable leading to the Crimea”.

In fact, in the first days of February, the main local Internet provider “Mediana”, previously captured by the occupiers, was “expropriated” precisely by “Miranda Media”.

On February 3 and 4, at the Melitopol “headquarters” of “Mediana”, the Russian occupiers staged a show reminiscent of round-ups and searches, and by the end of January 4, Melitopol residents had access to the Internet, but through “Miranda Media”, and probably through her “Feodosia office”.

It is necessary to predict further massive criminal use by “Rostelecom” of its above-mentioned illegal “Crimean subsidiaries” as part of the illegal assistance in the occupation of the mainland regions of southern Ukraine.

Our Association will continue to notify the UN and the World Telecommunication Union of these criminal proceedings.

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