As the criminal “deputies of the state council” stated, the Crimean collaborators had problems with the illegal “privatization” of the state or municipal property of Ukraine that they had previously seized.

So, there were no people willing to buy the Zhelnirenko mansion in the center of Yevpatoria, which had been dilapidated in recent years, as well as the “shares” of the “Yevpatoria Aviation Repair Plant”, the structures of “Krymtekhasnafta” and “Kerch-Avto”.

At the same time, despite the loud promises of the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov that the criminally “nationalized” property “will be put up for auction”, the illegal “state council” expectedly “did not include” these objects in the “privatization plans” for 2023.

Instead, the collaborators continue the scheme of profit we described in 2022, when, allegedly, “in order to obtain funds for repairs” of one of the captured Ukrainian sanatoriums, criminally operated by a gasket from the Aksenov clan “Solnechnaya Tavrika”, another object is “sold” by the same structure for a pittance to “the right people”.

Further, the funds from the “sale” “disappear in the maelstrom of repair” and the “renovated” sanatorium is also “sold” to “particularly approximated” for ridiculous funds. Now the criminal “deputies” thus decided to “sell” the building of the Yevpatoria resort library, allegedly to receive funds for the “reconstruction” of the Yevpatoria sanatorium “Druzhba”.

It is obvious that “Druzhba”, which has become a place of criminal propaganda and Russification of deported Ukrainian children since 2022, is also planned as the subject of a scam with “good hands”.

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