In early August, the aggressor’s propaganda wrote about the illegal arrival in the occupied Crimea of Hendrik Weber, the criminal “leader” of the fake “National club of friends of Crimea in Norway”. Now the Russian occupiers “clarified” that in addition to Weber, this propaganda show was served by another Russian special services’ agent from Norway, Bjorn Nystad.

This mouthpiece of the Kremlin propaganda is known primarily for writing such a “masterpiece” as the book “The savior of Russia – a political biography of Vladimir Putin” and further worked on the painful ambitions of the Kremlin in the same spirit.

During the current “visit”, Nystad complained to propagandists that he allegedly “lost his job at the university because “he have very pro-Russian views”, while the “Crimean media” themselves stated that allegedly “this is his third visit to Crimea, and he visited Donbass for the first time” and allegedly “what is happening in the Donbass simply shocked him”.

It is noteworthy that the aggressor’s propaganda is lying about this Norwegian collaborator even in small things; for example, evidence has been preserved on the network that Nystad previously, namely in 2018, illegally visited the Russian-occupied East of Ukraine in the criminal role of an “observer” in fake “elections”.

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