According to social networks, Alexander Lisnyak, who had criminally participated in the war against Ukraine, was buried in the village of Voskhod in the Krasnogvardeisky District of the occupied peninsula in the first days of 2023. This “cargo 200” is remarkable in that it was recruited by the “Wagner” terrorist group in the aggressor’s colony, where it has been since 2015.

Then, namely on the night of February 24, Maxim Labik, Alexander Lisnyak and Vilen Tsvetkov killed an elderly woman for the purpose of robbery in her house in the village of Novoseltsy in the same Krasnogvardeisky District, for which Lisnyak received “14 years in prison”.

The circumstances of the criminal recruitment of Lisnyak into the army of the aggressor are unknown, but this most likely did not happen in the occupied Crimea, since inhabitants of the peninsula with such “terms”, as a rule, illegally “serve their sentence” in the prisons of the Russian Federation itself.

It is noteworthy that the increase in the number of Crimean residents killed in the ranks of the aggressor’s army is accompanied by criminal attempts by the invaders to “glorify” them in the form of fake “tablets” and “monuments”.

But at the same time, local criminal “administrations” began to declare that there were “not enough funds” to carry out these criminal tasks, and therefore they began a forced illegal “collection of donations” from the local population.

In particular, such situation was noted in the village of Hvardeyske, Simferopol District.

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