The “official indicators” for 2023 published by the illegal “Krymstat” indicate that the occupiers, with all their efforts, cannot hide the “particularly joyful” state of the “Crimean economy”. Thus, despite all the manipulations with numbers, the “industrial production index” of the occupiers fell by 2.6 %, and also in 2023, the “volume of paid services to the population” decreased by 2.13 % on the peninsula.

A serious “drawdown” was caused by “mining” by a third and the level of electricity generation fell by 12.4 %. Also, the overall level of “financial result”, calculated according to the “profit minus loss” scheme, decreased by a third. “Krymstat” suggests that the main reasons for the decline are such word substitutes for the category of aggression as “uncertainty of the economic situation,” “lack of financial resources,” and “insufficient demand for this type of service”.

At the same time, the 19 % increase in cargo transportation “recorded” by the occupiers and the one and a half times increase in cargo turnover, measured in “millions of ton-kilometers”, are extremely noteworthy. At the same time, not only production, but also consumption did not increase in the Crimea, since retail trade turnover did not increase even in the “digital reality” from Krymstat.

Therefore, the only incentive for such an increase in cargo turnover is the military logistics of the occupiers, where the Crimea has become a huge transshipment hub. A similar reason is the only reason for the allegedly tripling of concrete production by the occupiers per year, namely up to 3 million cubic meters.

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