As the aggressor’s propaganda began to “reassuringly” declare through the “Crimean media”, the occupiers supposedly “keep prices under control”. For example, the aggressors indicated that in occupied Yevpatoriya, criminal “employees of the consumer market and entrepreneurship development department of the city administration” allegedly go to shops and fairs, where they “monitor the compliance of entrepreneurs with recommended prices”.

Earlier, for propaganda purposes, the criminal occupiers’ “ministry of industrial policy” announced a “list of 22 goods”, including onions, carrots, beets, flour, cereals, and the like, while with a “clause” that “this does not mean that the entrepreneur does not have the right to sell products from the specified list at a price higher than recommended”.

At the same time, “checkers” on paper “actively inform entrepreneurs about the current recommended prices”, but in fact, in such a simple way, they “collect bribes” for their “management” every day

However, in this epic with “recommended” and, by the way, even in this form rather considerable prices from the occupiers, something completely different is interesting: if you “believe” the same aggressor’s propaganda, then in occupied Yevpatoriya it is now allegedly “tourist season” and in such a situation, inflated prices are just the last thing both local residents and the “administration” would worry about.

In fact, the mentioned imitations of the “fight against prices” confirm both the impoverishment of the “resort” population today and the desire of the criminal “administration” to at least somehow drown out the fear of tomorrow.

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