Among the Kremlin’s militaristic ideas announced in 2023, in addition to “returning to five-year plans” and “permanent mobilization”, the official consolidation of the possibility of forced child labor, and without parental consent, should be considered especially cynical and criminal.

Crimean collaborators have already “noted” in the “stormy support” of these ideas, in particular, their “full support” was declared by the illegal “Commissioner for children’s rights in Sevastopol” Marina Peschanska. A former Russian language teacher from the Donetsk Region, who has criminally portrayed the role of a “public activist” for the needs of the Russian special services since 2008, said about the bill that “physical labor … develops collectivism. But this is exactly what is lacking now”, however, having made a reservation that children will not be attracted to especially harmful industries for the time being.

At the same time, the aggressor’s propaganda states that it is mainly about some alleged “Saturday works”, but the essence of child forced labor is not specified in the “legislative amendments”. Obviously, hiding behind innovations, the occupiers will massively criminally recruit deported Ukrainian children to work.

Let us recall that on May 31 last year, the same Marina Peschanska lamented during the “report to the government” that displaced persons who arrived in the occupied Sevastopol from the war zone in mainland Ukraine “massively hide from registration” and hide their children from the occupational “administration”.

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