The criminal “head of Crimea” on the afternoon of July 22 was forced to admit that, in addition to the already described fire at the oil depot in Oktyabrske (Biyuk-Onlar), “there was a detonation of the ammunition depot” near the village, while he also spread an obvious fake that supposedly “there were no damages and victims, according to preliminary data”.

Nevertheless, the invaders announced “the evacuation of the population within a radius of five kilometers”, as well as the “suspension of traffic” on the aggressor-controlled illegal “Crimean railway”. It should be noted that the Oktyabrska station is located on the Dzhankoy-Simferopol main railroad line, and such “suspensions” significantly affect the aggressor’s criminal military logistics.

Earlier, in June, it was reported on social networks that the Russian army was bringing about 40-50 units of infantry fighting vehicles, as well as KamAZ and Tiger armored vehicles, to this airfield.

Characteristically, during these events, the invaders “suddenly” blocked traffic on the illegal “Crimean Bridge”, and a number of aggressor’s “talking heads”, such as Oleg Kryuchkov and Alexander Talipov criminally promised to intensify repressions against the Crimean residents.

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