As Elena Kushnir, adviser to the Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, said on June 13 during a press conference “Protection and Preservation of the Domestic Segment of the Internet” in the occupied territories, the invaders “will re-register the Ukrainian Internet resource into a Crimean company”.

Kushnir points out that the occupiers are taking over the operators, disconnecting networks from Ukrainian communication channels and diverting traffic to the illegal “Crimean company” “Miranda Media”, which we have repeatedly described, “which was created specifically to provide Russian Internet traffic in the occupied territories.”

Let us recall that this structure is an illegal “daughter” of “Rostelecom” and formally “registered” to the Moscow “shipping company”.

It is reported that in order to combat this phenomenon, Ukrainian representatives are making efforts to establish a constructive dialogue with RIPE NCC, the regional Internet registry for Europe, and that “a temporary mechanism has already been created to block such re-registration according to the statements of Ukrainian companies”, and then the Ukrainian Internet community should to create a permanent mechanism in this area.

“We have processed requests from Ukrainian providers. We have established contact with the RIPE NCC and are submitting the first requests to cancel the re-registration of the Internet resource,” added Victoria Opanasyuk, regional director of the “Wiener Telecom” Internet provider.
Let us remind that our Association reported these violations to authorized international structures, including the World Telecommunication Union and UN structures.

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