Earlier, we have repeatedly described the situation of the aggressor army’s “fortifications” in the coastal zone of the occupied Crimea, which primarily affected the Saki and Chornomorske regions. Now the situation has acquired such grotesque forms that the occupiers’ propaganda is also forced to recognize it.

As they write about this on the peninsula, “your child plays in the playground near the sea, but cannot swim. His way is blocked by barbed wire and people in military uniform. Unfortunately, this is the reality of modern Crimea”.

The aggressor-controlled “media” indicated that all the beaches of the Vitine village, Saki district, “are completely closed to the public. Until the end of May 2023, there was access to a small section of the beach from Gagarin Street for local residents. Now this beach is closed with barbed wire”.

At the same time, we are no longer talking about “tourists”, but about the local residents themselves, since, as stated, “the nearest place of access to the beach is in Evpatoria at a distance of 25-30 kilometers”.

As the same “media” simply writes about this, “some even try to secretly sneak onto the beach, which, of course, is fraught not only with health consequences, but also with death. In the current conditions, it may not always be possible to figure out who and where is trying to crawl through, and immediately start shooting”.

At the same time, in the neighboring villages of Shtormove and Popovka, the intensity of passions takes literally “Shakespearean” turns, since the Russian occupiers “officially opened a beach” there “outside the boundaries of the village on the free seashore beyond the line of equipped fortifications.”

We are talking about the beach area “opposite the Christie Hotel, on the South Spit near Lake Donuzlav” and here the farther the “owners of resort real estate” are located from the “open” patch of sand, the stronger the rage.

At the same time, even the invaders’ propaganda had to confirm that, “the owners of accommodation places, cafes and other tourist infrastructure facilities are counting losses. And they wonder if they can survive this summer”.

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