According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, in the illegal “East Crimean historical and cultural museum-reserve” the criminal “head of the Artesian expedition of the Moscow state pedagogical university” Nikolai Vinokurov “presented a new find”, namely, the head of an ancient statue, allegedly depicting Zeus of the Bosporan King Farnak of the 1st century BC – this is how the invaders “deciphered the records on the plates”.

At the same time, the criminal “archaeologists” staged “PR against the backdrop of Farnak” for a reason, since the illegal “director of the reserve” Tatyana Umrikhina on this occasion demanded that the criminal “authorities” “register the land, stop this disgrace to whom what was distributed, endowed”.

However, both criminal careers and illegal latifundists, with whom the Moscow “forwarders” are fighting for the opportunity to “dig mounds”, are more closely connected with the illegal “administration”, and therefore it is likely that the excavations on Artesian will not only be plundered, but also razed to the ground.

In this “war for the Bosporan Kingdom”, collaborator Umrikhina’s confession was also noteworthy that “Moscow promised to arrange one of the ten envisaged depositories in Kerch in order to store found artifacts in the place of discovery. But the implementation of this promise is hindered by those who promised”. Thus, the criminal “museum workers” themselves admit that absolutely all valuable artifacts and illegal excavations are criminally transferred from the occupied Crimea to Russia.

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