As “RIA Melitopol” reported on July 16, some days ago, an “appeal from the residents of Kalinin, Shchors and Kirov streets” in the occupied Akimovka, Zaporizhzhya Region, was published on social networks.

It is reported that a woman who, for obvious reasons, decided to remain incognito, wrote on their behalf, and the appeal states that the criminal “quarteres” tell the occupiers which house is empty, after which they immediately move in there and begin to plunder everything that comes their way, including household appliances, clothes and other things.

As the journalists point out, “the woman claims that she herself saw how Russian soldiers sent stolen equipment to the temporarily occupied Crimea and Russian Krasnodar at the Tavria Post”.

Let us recall that our Association has previously repeatedly covered the criminal machinations of the aggressor with illegal “postal services” in the occupied mainland of Ukraine, using the criminal “Post of Crimea” and its fake “PO boxes” in occupied Simferopol “for delivery to Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions”

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