Last November, we wrote about the “intense adventures” in occupied Melitopol of the “old school” Sevastopol collaborator, Anton Titsky. As part of the aggressor’s preparation for the occupation of the Crimea, he was introduced in 2013 into the leadership of the “Russian youth movement”, into the “All-Ukrainian coordination council of the organization of Russian compatriots” and into the “Sevastopol organization of the Russian Unity party”, as structures that were directly coordinated by the Russian special services with the aim of destabilization of the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

Since the end of January 2014, Titsky was involved by the Russian invaders in the formation of pseudo-public structures in Sevastopol under the slogans of “countering Euromaidan” and after the complete occupation of Crimea, he became an “adviser” to the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov.
However, already in the summer of 2014, Titsky was transferred by his Kremlin handlers to “party work” and became the organizer of the fake “Crimean republican organization” of the Russian pocket opposition party “Rodina”.

Titsky was brought into “power” in Sevastopol in 2016 by the fake “governor” Dmitry Ovsyannikov, and since then he has maintained not public, but direct contacts with the Kremlin functionary Sergei Kiriyenko. During the period of Ovsyannikov’s “management”, Titsky was involved in Sevastopol in the criminal role of “chairman of the council” and then “head of administration” of the fake “Leninsky municipal district”.

During the criminal management of the Titsky district of the city, it was “overgrown” with companies related to trade, such as “Nefryt” with even an “official” turnover that was quite good by Sevastopol standards. Also, Titsky, even before “managing the district”, was involved in laundering “budget funds” from 2015 through the “youth organization” “Bastion”, where Sevastopol “functionaries” from “United Russia” Sergei Budnyak and Nikolai Chernov, who control a number of “firms”, specializing in real estate speculation and trade. Of course, for the “leadership of the region” Titsky himself also “urgently changed the party” and became “United Russia’s member”.

“Independent media”, controlled by competing clans of occupiers in 2019, after Ovsyannikov was “transferred” to Moscow, began to cover in detail the specifics of Titsky receiving the “position of district leader” in 2016. It was indicated that this happened through the mediation of the “Sevastopol communist” Vasily Parkhomenko, whom the “young gift” Titsky began to motivate his “leadership” not only and not so much with the significant bribe provided.

However, no “personal qualities” could help Titsky “continue his career” in Sevastopol “after Ovsyannikov.” After all, his combination, built in the summer of 2019, with the criminal role of “deputy of the city legislative assembly” from “United Russia” and in the next “game of thrones” for the “post of chairman of the assembly” ended in a false start.

After all, after the “transfer” of Ovsyannikov, Titsky was immediately “removed from the elections” in August 2019 because of the decision of “United Russia”, which was based on “corruption issues”. Since during the criminal “governorship” of Mikhail Razvozhaev, the fake “head of the Leninsky district” Titsky in occupied Sevastopol experienced “temporary difficulties of misunderstanding,” he “left” them for the role of “adviser to the head of the federal agency for youth affairs,” and in 2022 he was announced by occupiers as the criminal “minister of youth policy” in occupied Melitopol.

At the same time, all sorts of “turbulence” periodically began around “minister” Titsky, associated with the chronic confrontation between the Melitopol gautleiter Evgeniy Balitsky, about whose Sevastopol mafia connections we wrote many times, and his “deputy” and “political instructor”, Siberian PR man Sergei Tolmachev, who came from the team the same “governor” Razvozhaev.

We have already written that the “aggravation of the political situation” can be associated with the next show of the criminal “Putin elections” planned by the aggressor for the spring, within the framework of which Tolmachev strived till yesterday to “at least shake the position” of his “dearly beloved boss” Balitsky.
And now the situation has developed further: Titsky has been declared by the occupiers to be Balitsky’s criminal “deputy”; it is obvious that such a “Sevastopol appointment” was made clearly in defiance of the “removed from post” “temporary fellow countryman” Tolmachev, who, following the results of the fake “Putin re-elections”, is clearly maked a “scapegoat” for all the endless “punches” of the occupiers within the framework of the “election campaign”.

What adds tragicomicity to this situation is that the occupiers are building “Putin’s election campaign” on the “fight against homosexuality,” and in this context, it is Titsky, as the “Melitopol Putinites’ mouthpiece”, who will look as piquant as possible, in the “mouse versus lard” format.

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