As it follows from the “official statistics” of the invaders in the occupied Sevastopol, with an allegedly “insignificant” general, “half a percent” drop in the “industrial production index”, at the same time, “construction volumes” in the city for the first half of 2023 decreased “compared to the previous period” by more than a third, while “retail trade fell” by 4 percent.

It is worth recalling here that last year the occupied peninsula allegedly demonstrated some kind of “stability” in the “economic situation” precisely due to “development indicators”, which are now predictably curtailing.

Also, other inflated indicators, for example, in terms of “trade turnover” and “processing”, largely achieved due to the plundering of the occupied mainland regions through the Crimea, will now be curtailed due to the fact that the occupiers simply have nothing to rob beyond Perekop in many areas.

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