In January 2023, characteristic “personnel shifts”, directly related to the failures of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, were discussed in the aggressor’s army.

Since January 13, the alleged resignation of the commander of the airborne troops of Russia, Mikhail Teplinsky, has been announced; the reasons for leaving, among other things, outlined the alleged “refusal to use the paratroopers as cannon fodder” to organize a new criminal offensive of the Russian army in Ukraine.

The image of an allegedly “general thinking about people” and “insiders” about the alleged “murmur of the paratroopers after the resignation of Teplinsky” immediately began to be spread by part of the occupiers’ propaganda. However, the previous biography of Teplinsky does not at all testify to his “thrift towards soldiers”.

This general, as “Chief of staff of the Southern military district” from 2017 to 2019, played a key role in the criminal militarization of the occupied Crimea.

Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression, Teplinskiy, as Ukrainian experts have repeatedly reported, actually commanded a group of aggressor troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, “disguised” as terrorist “people’s police corps.”

It was in this field that he criminally fought in the most classic traditions of the aggressor, namely “by numbers, not by skill”, sending tens of thousands of people to slaughter.

Since the summer of 2022, already in the role of commander of the aggressor’s paratroopers, Teplinskiy was associated with the “Kherson bridgehead” of the aggressor, where most of the airborne units were accumulated, suffering significant losses both in offensive attempts and in defense.

Teplinsky’s sudden January “thrift for people” has a completely different and very simple explanation – two days before his “resignation”, the aggressor’s command was replaced, which, as expected, led to further “personnel purges”.

On December 31, during a “visit to the headquarters of the Southern military district,” Putin “presented awards” to the aggressor’s then “key media generals” Surovikin and Teplinsky, and, suddenly for many, on January 11, Valery Gerasimov took Surovikin’s place.

However, on January 23, Russian propaganda announced that Mikhail Teplinsky, as the “commander of the Airborne Forces,” was “on vacation, orders were received from him by telephone,” and that general Oleg Makarevich had replaced Teplinsky “in the position of head of one of the directions”, commanding of Russian aggression.

It is noteworthy that since 2014 Makarevich has been “withdrawn” from the general “vertical” of the aggressor army, since he held posts in military academies and also commanded the coastal troops of the Russian fleet for some time.

This “reverse castling” with the “cancellation of the dismissal” of Teplinsky is obviously connected with the constant “adjustments to the plans” of the aggressor, the criminal implementation of which remains stably unattainable.

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