On the day the aggressor blew up the dam of the Kakhoska hydroelectric power station, a rather “inconspicuous” event took place in the occupied Crimea: a fake invaders’ “court” “sentenced to a suspended sentence” of four and three years, respectively, the former criminal “vice prime minister” Yevgen Kabanov and his “subordinate ”, the criminal “minister of construction” Mikhail Khramov.

Let us recall that this “high-profile case” began in September 2021, when Kabanov was “detained on charges of fraud on an especially large scale during the construction of a water conduit”, where 57.5 million rubles “dissolved” and Roman Zhuravlev was part of a scam with the illegal “Master-Yug” company.

Let us remind that Kabanov has held the criminal post of “vice prime minister” since November 2018, overseeing “construction, including the implementation of the federal targeted program”. Kabanov was “famous” for many scams: and allegedly “building up” the Simferopol airport area, and “reconstructing” the Yevpatoria embankment, and trying to write off funds for the “reconstruction of the berths of the southern coast of Crimea”.

It should be noted that the scam with water pipelines, which preceded the large-scale Russian aggression, was part of the information campaign of the occupiers about the allegedly “drying Crimea” as a “justification” for the criminal invasion.

However, now “the Moor has done his job” and the current practically “vegetarian” “verdict” is due to the fact that Kabanov and his accomplices were “degreased” as much as possible by both the invaders’ punishers and the clans of Sergei Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov.

In particular, it is now obvious that a “rollback of Kabanov’s property” was recently carried out, in particular, in the Omega residential complex, along Parkovy Proezd, 6a, illegally built in the Primorsky Park of Yalta in 2018 by an illegal “company” controlled by the current “prisoner” “Interstroy”, which the invaders “nationalized” in February.

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