On January 3, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov “gave out” another “program speech”, this time about the “institution of the family”. In it, he began to promote the fake “concept”, already traditional for the occupiers, according to which, under the control of the Kremlin, the population will obviously live worse than in civilized countries, but allegedly “without LGBT”.

Konstantinov explicitly admits that the structures of the aggressor cannot even “compete with the collective West, …in the economic sphere”, while stating that “welfare and living standards” are allegedly associated with “the destruction of the institution of the family”. Obviously realizing that this sounds obviously “weak” for the impoverished Crimean resiudents, the criminal “speaker” decided to “add a spark”.

As this long-term swindler-developer stated, in the countries of the civilized world allegedly “the idea was voiced of the need to create human incubators” and “people will be raised on farms, divided into males and females, or they will immediately receive hermaphrodites.”

However, what is interesting here is not the scale of the fantasy of Konstantinov’s speechwriters regarding the alleged “global LGBT dictatorship” and the “struggle for the traditional family”, but the biography of the fake “talking head”.

As is well known in Crimea, the criminal “speaker” has always been distinguished by an extremely wide range of “personal interests”, although in the main it really is within the framework of traditional sexual orientation.

If we understand the “family” following the example of Konstantinov, then it looks like a wide “pride” of the current and mostly already former “ladies of the heart”, criminally “placed” by him within his illegal “quota” for all kinds of fake “positions” and corruption flows peninsula on the principle of “man proven”.

The real reasons for Konstantinov’s fear of losing such a “traditional” for him criminal “wide and friendly family” are obvious. But the criminal speaker should be afraid not of the “Crimean LGBT”, but of completely different factors of the near future.

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