On March 23, the criminal “talking head” of the Russian special services, the fake “blogger” Alexander Talipov, repeatedly investigated by us, chose a rather unexpected new object for harassment, he became his “colleague” in the aggressor’s criminal propagandist workshop, Valeria Petrusevich, whose connections with black transplantologists we have repeatedly written about.

However, Talipov is naturally interested not in Ukrainian children, on whom Petrusevich earns bloody money, and not even in the fate of the “assistance to the soldiers” of the aggressor she collects – this is where the Feodosia “blogger” can give any “head start” in his “orphan share” in such or scams.
Talipov’s likely target was one of a number of Petrusevich’s “closest” friends, collaborator Alexander Pogodaev and his online food store operating in the occupied Crimea. In general, it is noticeable that recently Talipov has been “working out” precisely the “food industry” of the Crimea, using various provocations.

Since the mention of “sister and her husband in Kiev” about Petrusevich was “obviously not enough”, Talipov decided to hype about the PR video of the aggressor-controlled “blogger” from the trenches, saying literally “stupid s…p, who let you in there?”

It is noteworthy that the “blogger” herself began to violently “justify herself” and in her explanations the “frontline trenches” of the aggressor immediately turned into a “rear” and the “video” turned out to be “coordinated with the special services” of the aggressor. However, one can only guess what kind of victim of the “food chain” of collaborators from the “public catering sector” Talipov will choose for his next propaganda “dinner”.

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