Since February 28, the situation began to grow up in Russian invaders-controlled “media”, on the supposedly “need for the reconstruction of the Cathedral of St. Vladimir in Khersones”. Let us recall that the cathedral was laid in 1861, and opened after 30 years, in 1891. In the Soviet period, namely in 1925, the temple stopped working and in 1942 it was thoroughly destroyed.

The authorities of independent Ukraine began to restore the cathedral, and it was opened in 2004, and after the beginning of the Russian occupation, this temple, which was in 2014 in good condition, was actively used by the occupiers to promote the “ideas of the Russian world” and to create direct inter-religious tension on the occupied peninsula.

Now, the Russian invaders cynically complain that the “foundation problem” is allegedly revealed because the masonry is supposedly “wet due to atmospheric waters” and that there are supposedly “problems with drainage”. At the same time, the allegedly “poor-quality” restoration of 1999-2004 is speculatively declared, and that the aggressor allegedly supposedly “has no its documents at their disposal”.

In fact, since 2015, the invaders made various illegal works around the cathedral located in the center of the reserve “Tauric Chersonese”, too far from the word “restoration”, and directly affecting the drain and groundwater, about which a number of experts were not once writing. Moreover, it was mentioned that, due to such criminal “works” from the aggressor’s ministry of defense, the whole artificial lake in the pit was not so far from the cathedral, and the Russian invaders simply do not know what to do with it.

It is characteristic that when commenting on social networks the announcements of “restoration”, the Sevastopol residents directly indicate that its formal “initiator”, a certain illegal “fund” “Moya istoryia” (“My history”) “said nothing that the fund itself suffers if it is not allocated for “development” under goodly pretext”.

The Sevastopol residents also raised the old publications that testify that the cathedral itself in the 19th century was clearly built “not according to the standards” and that there were actually “innate” problems, saying that it is obvious to the occupiers in the current deplorable situation for the occupied city as a whole, “money has nowhere to go”.

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