In April, collaborator Svetlana Luzhetskaya, the criminal “commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs” of the occupiers, said that according to “survey data”, “among Crimean entrepreneurs, mainly representatives of small and medium-sized businesses,” “half reported a decrease in economic efficiency.”

Obviously, the aggressor-controlled “entrepreneurs” did not tell Luzhetskaya about the next “increase in milk production” only because of extreme need, and we already wrote about the total collapse in the aggressor-controlled “Crimean economy”.

The fake “authorized person” claims that “a moratorium on paying off the main body of debt on loans issued for business purposes” as well as some “subsidies” would allegedly help to “steer out” of the current collapse, but the utopian nature of such “assistance measures” is obvious in the occupied peninsula.

However, Luzhetskaya’s proposal on the need to “avoid bureaucratic red tape” looks the most comical, considering precisely the fact that her criminal “armchair”, in addition to manufacturing cubic meters of waste paper, is not able to somehow influence the “steep peak” of the “Crimean business”.

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