Earlier, it was repeatedly noted that since the summer of 2022, the criminal invaders’ “administrations” in the Russia-occupied Crimea began to vigorously discuss the issue of shelters during an air raid.

However, this immediately took the form of “selfie tours” for “selected” illegal officials to “exemplary” basements and by attempts by fake “authorities” to shift the costs of their cleaning to anyone, from tenants to “renters”.

Many months after such initiatives, the mouthpieces of the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda began another wave of “soothing reports”, between the lines of which, however, panic is clearly read.

For example, collaborator Grigoryi Rogulsky, the “chief engineer” of a fake “management company” from the Kievsky district of Russia-occupied Simferopol, is quoted as saying that “almost all nine-story buildings built back in Soviet times do not have basements at all – only deepening for engineering communications. Therefore, they cannot be considered as shelters”.

At the same time, the “subordinate” of Rogulsky, the fake “head of the section” Olexander Nikitenko, acknowledging the appeals of “concerned citizens”, said that in the event of an air raid, the population is invited, among other things, to hide in underground passages, and even in an “underground public toilet”. However, he admitted that at night no one is going to let residents into most basements of “institutions and organizations”.

Also pointing out that only 16 out of 54 apartment buildings on “his site” have basements, the collaborator stated that “they are designed only for the residents of the house, … and it is up to them to decide whether to let someone out of the street or not”, advising other residents to hope to the “compassion” of these “lucky ones”. Just as the collaborators are forced to admit, they did not inform the residents in any way where these nearest shelters were located and how, at least theoretically, one could try to get there.

This collapse “combines” quite well with the “housing and communal services” scams carried out in Simferopol since 2014, when the invaders-created illegal “management companies” are the least interested in resolving such situations.

With the beginning of the occupation in the center of autonomy, this area was “tightly controlled” by collaborator Oleg Kuzmin, who first “ruled the processes” through “municipal structures”, and then, “having retired”, closed the network of illegal “private management companies” and “firms” such as “Tavrida Service”, which collect fees in the form of “utility payments” from the most “solvent” houses and residential complexes of Simferopol.

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