“Libertarianism” and the destructive influence of modern IOC and Thomas Bach

️↪️The IOC’s decision has already sparked a flurry of criticism from Western countries. The IOC decision “is a slap in the face to Ukrainian athletes.

Poland stated that it is going to form a coalition of states to change this shameful decision of the IOC. Earlier a group of 35 countries had already opposed the admission of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions.

️↪️A number of countries (Germany, Finland, France, Denmark) abolished the World Cup stages and other fencing tournaments “because residents (including Denmark) do not want to see representatives of the aggressor countries in the country.

“For putin, sport is just another tool … a world without rules, where Russia must always win thanks to doping or corruption.”

️↪️There are provisions incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement of any form of discrimination against a country or person on racial, religious, political or other grounds.”

Mr. Bach’s attention is drawn to UN decisions that clearly provide legal definitions of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. This is especially important in the context of future IOC decisions on participation in the 2024 Olympics.

️↪️On March 2, 2022, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution supported by 141 countries and only five opposed, an unprecedented vote for the UN. The resolution condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and demands that the aggressor country not only cease its attack, but also withdraw its troops from all of Ukraine, including Crimea and Donbass.

This document also provides clear legal definitions of Russia’s actions, which the IOC is also obliged to take into account in its activities. After all, the goal of the UN, like the IOC, is also to maintain and strengthen peace. In particular, the resolution clearly reminds the Russian Federation that Article 2 of the UN Charter obliges all states “…to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state”.

The document adopted by Russia reminds that aggression is “the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State”.

A number of leaders from the anti-Russian coalition and public organizations have voiced proposals to create a “Hall of Sporting Spirit and Courage” for athletes who have persevered and not surrendered to the onslaught of aggression.

Lives of ordinary people in the West and in Ukraine who survived the horrors of war, the occupation of Crimea, but who continue to fight for themselves, for freedom and the spirit of Olympism.

↪️️The IOC and Thomas Bach have no moral right to condemn the Government of Ukraine and the Ukrainian People.

Addressed statements and insults of the Head of the IOC to the Ukrainian People and the international community are the subject for the study of Thomas Bach’s bias and a comprehensive audit of the IOC by the international institutions, sponsors of the Organization and authorized structures.

️↪️An audit of the activities, ethics and financial integrity of sports functionaries must be carried out immediately if the international community does not want to face the self-sabotage of the entire system of international organizations, which the Russian Federation has been thoroughly undermining since the occupation of Crimea.

️↪️The IOC is an international body, and it is obliged to follow the principles and take into account the decisions of existing legal and political bodies condemning the aggression of russia and belarus.

This is not the first time the IOC has made a disgraceful decision in its activities.

The XI Olympic Games of 1936 were held in Hitler’s Germany. They were held in spite of the protests of many countries about the inadmissibility of holding international competitions in a country which threatened the world with aggression.

In June 1936 the International Conference on the Olympic Ideas was held in Paris. It adopted a resolution on the “incompatibility of the Olympic principles and the fact that the Games were held in a totalitarian, racist state”. But at that time the IOC did not hear these appeals either. It was only after the defeat of fascism and the end of World War II that the IOC publicly apologized for its shameful activities.

️↪️History was repeated again in 2014 at the Winter Olympics in Russia, the totalitarian country of dictator putin, who at the same time launched an armed aggression against Ukraine by occupying Crimea.

It is a well-known fact that the delivery of Russian paratrooper special operations forces units to Crimea to capture it was carried out under the guise of rotation to ensure the security of the Russian Olympics.

️↪️The terrorist state has been caught more than once in the total use of doping. But as with the annexation of Crimea, which Russian propaganda interprets as “the will of the Crimean people,” so it was with the doping scandal, which the Russian sports minister called allegedly “unacceptable manipulation of the anti-doping system” and Russia did not acknowledge its own wrongdoing.

️↪️The participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes on the terms of Thomas Bach, means in fact a cynical inscription “Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together” written on the nuclear warhead of the aggressor directed at Europe, Ukraine.

The amoral march of the IOC since the “time of Olympism-Führer”, unfortunately promoted by Thomas Bach today, has no place in the European family of values of freedom, democracy and human rights protection.

️↪️️Ukraine’s destroyed infrastructure and shattered lives of thousands of citizens, discrimination, torture, murder, terror, nuclear blackmail, crimes against children and mothers, the tortured and raped lives of prisoners.

The morally damaged but undaunted Ukrainians are worthy of respect and should stand next to Europeans for peace, but in no way on the pedestal of terror and aggression, “dirty money” and corruption by Thomas Bach.

️↪️️Thomas Bach’s career at the IOC has been accompanied by exemplary scandals – heated by Russia, China, Kuwait and Azerbaijan. Scandals over ties to a Kuwaiti sheikh suspected of corruption at the IOC and FIFA.

️️↪️Ties between the Kremlin and IOC functionaries raise serious concerns, and the possible presence of some in Gazprom, doubts about the righteousness of the intentions and activities of certain officials in international sports.

IOC members will be guided by the Charter and contribute to the creation of a “peaceful society,” rather than cover up the atrocities of the Russian aggressor with their decisions.

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