As noted earlier, after the “compromising” position of the IOC Executive Committee on “Russian and Belarusian athletes” announced at the end of March, the Crimean collaborators immediately took the position of “green grapes”.

Realizing that in any case, the aggressor would no longer be able to freely engage in provocations of the “Crimean athletes” within the framework of the Olympic events, the criminal “state council”, the “Crimean athletes” and the “Crimean media” controlled by the aggressor began to simultaneously declare that the aggressor should initiatively stop interaction with the IOC.

However, it is obvious that the Kremlin clearly has no plans to abandon the Olympic provocations, and therefore, after the obvious new “agenda”, the aggressor’s propaganda on the occupied peninsula “changed vector”. Now it is spreading, after exhausting the “profile Crimean” “talking heads”, the statement of “Russian sports veterans”, such as State Duma deputies like Valuev or Svetlana Zhurova.

The latter, for example, told the occupiers-controlled “Crimea 24 TV channel” that the aggressor would “defend his rights” and allegedly “having legal grounds”, will criminally “declare a violation of the rights of our athletes”, making relevant manipulations.

It is obvious that this is the way, with the factors of bribery, provocation and manipulation, that the aggressor has chosen for criminal pressure on international sports associations and on IOC functionaries.

Against this background, the recent criminal statement of the president of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Dyukov, “on the beginning of the procedure for licensing Crimean clubs” for the aggressor’s national football league, should also be considered characteristic, which is also a link in the corresponding manipulations, provocations and blackmail.

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