At the end of March, our Association published two studies on the current situation in the field of “artificial intelligence developments,” namely in the field of “medicine and agriculture,” allegedly “conducted” by the so-called “Crimean and Sevastopol scientists”.
ARC experts stated that “in the field of medicine, in contrast to the previously studied sphere of “dual technologies” associated with drone sprayers and plant monitoring, the occupiers do not have any particular interest in artificial intelligence, even in the field of industrial espionage”.
But on the issues of “viticulture,” experts noted that it is “Crimean universities” and “winemakers of the peninsula” that can become a tool for legalizing artificial intelligence technologies stolen by the Russian special services in democratic countries or in communist China, applicable, among other things, in the fields of chemical and bacteriological weapons, and also contributing to global warming.
Among other things, the work of the so-called “Center for artificial intelligence and big data analysis of the Institute of physics and technology” of the mentioned “university” was determined, with the “director” Marina Rudenko.
Let us note that before the occupation of Crimea, Associate Professor Rudenko was registered at the Department of Economic Cybernetics of the Lugansk National Agrarian University and she lived in Slavyansk; her publications at that time were related to “innovations in agriculture” and were quite far from cybernetics proper.
In the occupied Crimea, her public footprint, and already in the field of “artificial intelligence”, at the “department of computer engineering and modeling” can be traced no later than 2019. Further, her “scientific works” are typical “mass graves” together with various “Russian scientists”, from Adygea to St. Petersburg, and they concern various areas of “application of artificial intelligence”, this includes medicine, agriculture, tourism and even hunting.
Moreover, it is Rudenko who is declared in such publications as a “coordinator”, and since 2023 she, among other things, appears on behalf of the mentioned “Center”. And so, literally a few days after our publications, the aggressor’s propaganda, including Tass, quite “accidentally” decided to declare that “V. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University opened a Center for artificial intelligence and big data analysis in Simferopol,” “created under the Priority-3000 program”, but in fact it has existed for at least a year.
Among the interests of the “Center”, in addition to the mentioned “plant diseases” and “filming from unmanned aerial vehicles”, as well as the analysis of “the state of the circulatory system based on images of the patient’s body” the “ensuring the safety of tourists”, as well as “analysis of data from automatic weather stations located in various points of Crimea” were declared.
Such haste in “legalizing” the “Center” that we have already exposed certainly confirms its role as an “expert cover” for industrial espionage, carried out by the aggressor in the field of artificial intelligence.
And against this background, it is not at all accidental that the “Center” decided to “promote” the criminal “Chairman of the state council committee” of the occupiers “on information policy, information technology and communications” Ivan Manucharov, who, among other things, is closely associated with the scams of the illegal company of the occupiers “Miranda-Media”, that we have repeatedly described in communications sector

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