On January 9, the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, in obvious anticipation of a new high-ranking Kremlin role, decided to play a “prophet” and began to threaten Pope Francis with all sorts of troubles, based on the fact that allegedly “on the Pope’s birthday” “lightning struck the statue Peter the Apostle, located on the temple in the former Diocese of Francis in Buenos Aires”.

It is strange that the untreated womanizer Konstantinov has not yet taken credit for this lightning to himself; however, now he has decided to bring down curses on the Pope’s head allegedly for “permission to bless same-sex couples in the church”, declaring that “as if there are no direct biblical condemnations of this ungodly sin”. Most likely, the swindler-developer should first consult with the “Crimean Metropolitan” Tikhon regarding how the Bible treats the sin of long-term adultery, albeit heterosexual, since Konstantinov’s current “piety”, even if “purely for official purposes”, causes undisguised sarcasm from dozens of his previous passions, with which he at one time flooded the “official chairs”.

However, in fact, Konstantinov’s sudden “prophecies” have nothing to do with homosexuals, but with the fact that Pope Francis did call the shelling of Ukrainian civilian targets a war crime. Although the “speaker” naturally does not speak about this directly, in the same “prophecy” he not only boasts of the destruction of the Roman Shukhevych Museum in Lvov by a Russian missile, but also tries to spread a “especially thought-out” fake that they allegedly “tried to steal” from the ruins of the building a bust of a Ukrainian politician, which actually miraculously survived the shelling.

Most likely, in the world of “prophecies” from Konstantinov, such a rescue of the bust would make him nervous, but it is extremely likely that the “speaker” has much more unpleasant “personal disappointments” ahead.

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