According to RIA Melitopol, the criminal “acting governor” Yevgeny Balitsky recently “brought to his subordinates” a new criminal plan of the Kremlin – to take out two million tons of grain from the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhya region in 2023.

At the same time, the Russian occupiers plan to “farm over” half of the criminal export to “private road haulage”, about the squabble on the market of which we have repeatedly written, and the other to be exported “centrally” and mainly by rail, in particular to the occupied Crimea, for loading at Sevastopol port terminals.

Loading of stolen grain in the occupied Melitopol is carried out by the illegal structure “State grain operator”, headed by St. Petersburg businessman Nikita Busel.

For the criminal transportation of grain by rail, the Russian operating company “Tekhnotrans”, owned by Viktor Chuikin and Diana Maksimova, is involved, and Denis Semirnyak, a Sevastopol resident, is responsible for the purchase and sale of stolen grain.

It should be noted that the participation of “Technotrans” in illegal cargo transportation in the occupied Crimea has been noted since 2015.

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