On March 9, an “interview” with collaborator Oleg Tsaryov was published, who has not only property, but also “political” interests in the occupied Crimea, in particular, long-standing ties with the “opposition” group of the Russian special services, which until February 2022 included the “blogger” Alexander Talipov, a number of Kerch, Sudak and Gurzuf militants and so on. Let us recall that Tsaryov was clearly part of the circle of puppets for the “external picture”, which the aggressor wanted to criminally declare by the Ukrainian authorities under the unrealizable condition for the implementation of his plans.

Although Tsaryov’s new “interview” is saturated with Ukrainophobia, he made a number of fairly characteristic confessions in it. Thus, the collaborator, in contrast to the Kremlin propaganda, directly admits that Ukraine “until February 24, 2022, was already at war with Russia, and the entry of our troops was just another stage, nothing fundamentally changed for the Ukrainians.” Tsaryov states that “one might get the impression that we launched [large-scale aggression] in order to force Ukraine to conclude another peace agreement with us. Naturally, this is not so – and I know for sure about this, because I am a little more informed than the rest”.

Directly recognizing that the goal of Russia’s large-scale aggression is not just the destruction of Ukrainian statehood, but also the genocide of the Ukrainian people, Tsaryov states that he “together with our armed forces crossed the border of Belarus that night. And if the original scenario had worked, I would be on the territory of Ukraine now.” Interestingly, Tsaryov stated that he before 2014 “was holding in his hands a document developed by analysts of the Party of Regions, which considered the scenario of Yanukovych’s lifetime presidency”. He stated that it was allegedly “to make it realistic”, precisely relying on “relations with Russia”: “two presidential terms, a change in the Constitution, two more terms…”.

This cynical set of confessions from Tsaryov can be explained by two factors. Firstly, his thinning “Crimean clan” has now either found other patrons, or has slipped “beyond” all the criminal “commercial and managerial” occupiers’ processes. Well, at the global level, the Kremlin is now clearly making a criminal bet not on Tsaryov, but on Viktor Medvedchuk, as the “main” collaborator, whom he criminally expects to “sell to the collective West” in this role.

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