In Sevastopol, after each rain, the dwellers of the gardeners’ non-commercial partnership SAPUN-GORA become cut off from the civilization. As the local people say, an enormous puddle is formed onthe road, which is the only one left and which is impassable for the pedestrians who just cannot crossit. What concerns the cars, they just can found themselves sinking up to the bumper in the waterdepths.
The people have appealed different municipal services and institutions many times. However, the roadkeeps on being destructed. In the above mentioned gardeners’ non-commercial partnership, over1000 people dwell. The traffic is busy enough over there. The pedestrians have step aside, outwalkingthe gigantic puddle and moving ahead on the dirty paths. The trails, however, are flooded by rains,too.
The locals periodically try to fill the pits on their own. In spite of their efforts, rain constantly washesout the ballast of broken stone.
The gardeners’ non-commercial partnership SAPUN-GORA just cannot repair the road at their ownexpense as far as the road is in the possession of the city, and the communications are under it. Atthe same time, the so-called Transport Department sent their response to the gardeners’ non-commercial partnership, reassuring that the road does not meet the standards and, therefore, cannotbe acknowledged and approved as a highway for a common use. The dwellers of the gardeners’ non-commercial partnership concluded that they will not be able to repair the carriage-way at city’sexpense.

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