As the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Razvozhaev recently stated, his occupational criminal “administration” has been deprived by the Kremlin of fake “patronage” over Starobelsk, Luhansk region.

Razvozhaev on this occasion criminally reported that allegedly “only Melitopol remained behind Sevastopol,” since allegedly “now it’s hard to deal with Starobelsk in terms of logistics, so at the end of last year he turned to the presidential administration and made a decision.”

Razvozhaev said that the criminal role of the “new curator of sponsored territories” would be played by the fake “deputy governor”, the old Kerch swindler and collaborator Pavel Ieno. Let us recall that earlier the invaders moved to Melitopol as a criminal “deputy” of the local gautleiter Yevgeny Balitsky, a Siberian PR man and former Razvozhaev’s criminal “deputy” Sergey Tolmachev; now it is obvious that his “transfer” was just linked to the “departure” of Razvozhaev’s people from Starobelsk.

Let us recall that the criminal scams of the invaders’s “Sevastopol” group in the occupied Starobelsk were mainly associated with the theft of crops through the criminal “municipal state enterprise” “Starobelsky Elevator”, declared by the aggressor at the stolen facilities of the “Nibulon” concern.

In addition to Ieno and Tolmachev, Yevgeny Gorlov and Illarion Gapitsonov were among the fake “officials” there, who, among other things, was hiding in the occupied Luhansk region from the aggressor’s Crimean punishers in the fall of 2022, with whom he had “unresolved issues”.

The current “renunciation of Starobelsk” can also be explained by the banal lack of funds from the criminal “Sevastopol administration” in the conditions of “belt tightening”.

It can also be explained by the really “heavy” aggressor’s railway “logistics” in the conditions of “small problems” with the criminal Crimean bridge, as well as with Ukrainian troops in Ugledar, not far from the Volnovakha-Melitopol “land railway corridor”.
However, it is most likely that there is nothing more to steal from Razvozhaev’s henchmen in Starobelsk, and the front line has become much closer to him than during last year’s pretentious criminal visits of the “Sevastopol curators”.

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