On February 22, the illegal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov stated that he allegedly personally “initiated the construction of fortifications in the north of the peninsula”, and that Putin allegedly “personally supported” the “construction”.

As the Crimean gauleiter criminally stated, he is allegedly “responsible for the territorial defense of the Crimea, is in full control of the situation, knows who is in what position and for what.”
Aksyonov also criminally declared that “the defensive line is the entire Crimea, within the borders. If it doesn’t come in handy, …then we’ll take people on excursions there later”

It should be noted that these criminal and obviously hasty statements, about fake “later”, absent for collaborators, are looking like some attempts to “justify himself”, and they followed comments on the allegedly “important statement” voiced by Putin as a “message to the federal assembly” on February 21.

Since Putin’s massively announced statements turned out to be “blank”, Kremlin-controlled resources began to disseminate “deep analysis”, in the spirit of Soviet propaganda, about “who was shown” and “who was not” at this reading, “significantly” pointing to the Aksyonov’s personal absence in these lists of Kremlin’s “beneficials”.

Therefore, the above attempt to “cover behind the Kremlin” may mean that the constant PR of the criminal “head of Crimea” on all kinds of “fortifications”, associated with the obvious massive “laundering” of funds for them, has become another “card” played by collaborators’ groups within the framework of the ongoing squabble over “armchairs and streams”.

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