In the first three parts of our investigation, we talked about the interaction of French right-wing politicians with the Russian special services and the “financial support” of the Kremlin, where the “Crimean trace” constantly “surfaced” constantly appeared in the press of a number of countries.

Now it is worth paying attention to the current activities of the “Le Pen nestlings”, often invisible against the backdrop of a mass of fake “information occasions” from the supposedly “thick of violent events”, from Paris to “distant departments”, uncritically replicated by various informational “drainers” and “multi-station experts”.

The real situation in the “French club of friends of the Kremlin” continues to be investigated by the expert of our Association, Professor Borys Babin.

As Le Monde reported on January 13, unsuccessful candidate Marine Le Pen had recently gathered her “close circle” for a kind of “Christmas Eve” at which she announced her plans to the “chosen”, namely the “youth” – Renaud Labaye, Sébastien Chenu and Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

It is these persons, as the French press points out, who decide in the National Assembly, within the framework of the ‘National Rally” faction, disputes between deputies, agenda, strategy, distribution of roles or reminders of the discipline for the group. They are preoccupied with precisely these “trifles”, while the 27-year-old “newly elected leader of the party” and “part-time” close friend of Marine Le Pen’s niece Jordan Bardella is mainly involved in various television shows.

At the same time, Marine Le Pen at the indicated “Eve” informed her “subjects” that she was not going to become a victim of the “parliamentary routine” and all kinds of “direct actions”. She decided to go to the presidential elections in 2027, and for this she needs to “catch the spirit of the times and polish her international authority”, without getting into the current squabbles.

It is noteworthy that Le Pen decided to start this “polishing” from Africa, having traveled to Senegal on January 18, about which she warned her comrades-in-arms precisely at the indicated “Eve”. On the whole, this voyage is quite strange, if we talk about it from the point of view of the public statements of the “National Rally”, which were distinguished by xenophobia, special “love” for both migrants from Africa and Muslims.

However, Le Pen had already visited Africa during her previous “polishing”, when in March 2017 she came to Chad to the local president, or rather, the long-term dictator Idriss Deby.

Having held power in Chad after a string of civil wars, interventions and coups, Deby was obviously “omnivorous” and knew how to be a partner for the late Muammar Gaddafi, and for the deposed Sudanese Omar al-Bashir, and for Emmanuel Macron.

When Deby was killed in another conflict in 2021, President Macron, among other guests of honor, attended his funeral and expressed gratitude to the new leader of Chad, the son of the late Mahamat Dhabi, nicknamed Kaka (“Grandmother”).

In general, Le Pen’s visit to Chad in the midst of preparations for the next confrontation there did not bring any visible results, but, as will be clear from what follows, the point of such trips is by no means political statements.

So, in the midst of the endless Parisian operetta of protests and boycotts, leaving Bardella’s “talking head” in Paris, Le Pen goes to Senegal, while her subordinates in every possible way “depict armed neutrality” regarding all kinds of events of endless political happening between Montmartre and the Champs-Élysées.

At the same time, as the French media write, the voters of the Fifth Republic themselves clearly see the difference “between the subtly waiting position and the position of an extra,” but it seems that Le Pen’s close circle does not care at all.

Yet the French press, at first publicly doubtful that Le Pen would receive a warm welcome in Senegal, including a meeting with President Macky Sall, was later forced to admit their mistake.

In Dakar, where Le Pen arrived with her “political consultant” Philippe Olivier, who has extensive experience serving the Kremlin in all sorts of combinations, the “civilian father-in-law” of the same Bardella and the failed Yalta ice cream dealer, she was greeted with almost open arms.

As Le Monde reported, in addition to visiting various enterprises and institutions, as a sign of “French-Senegalese friendship”, Le Pen received an hour-long audience in private with President Sall.

And although Senegal is not Chad and the opposition is not fed to hyenas in it, but in a completely civilized way they are imprisoned for sexual assaults on beauty salon workers, Sall allowed himself to completely ignore the “angry statements of the public” that “Le Pen cannot have African friends and this is a matter of African dignity”.

Here it is worth pointing out to readers that Senegal is not just a key French-speaking West African country with a significant maritime infrastructure. Senegal is the gateway to the same rebellious Mali, from where the French were forced to withdraw their troops not so long ago, and the infamous terrorist “Wagner” criminally came to this “vacated place”.

Now the researchers say directly that the strengthening of “Wagner” and, accordingly, Russia in Mali will inevitably lead to the destabilization of neighboring Gambia and Senegal. Obviously, that President Sall respects his French partners and President Macron personally, but he probably would not really like the latter to visit his funeral, as happened to his “colleague” in Chad, Deby Sr.

And here it is worth noting the initiative of President Sall, who, by a “strange coincidence”, arrived on behalf of the African Union to meet with Putin in Sochi on June 3, 2022.

Prior to that, in March 2022, Sall, on behalf of the same Union, called both Putin and President of Ukraine Zelensky, and the regime in Senegal itself declared its “neutrality” regarding Russian aggression, and Senegalese diplomats abstained from voting at the UN for resolutions on this issue.

Sall also manipulatively claimed in June 2022 that the alleged “side effects of the decision” to exclude many Russian banks from SWIFT would allegedly “damage the ability of African countries to pay for imported food and fertilizer from Russia”.

In the public dimension, Sall lobbied for the opening of the “grain corridor” and it can be recognized that, on the one hand, further agreements in Istanbul clearly corresponded to his individual statements. Moreover, in December 2022, Sall again called both Vladimir Zelensky and Moscow, already regarding the execution and prospects of the “grain deal”.

But in 2023, shortly after Le Pen’s visit, Senegal transferred the chairmanship of the African Union to the Comoros, with which, by the way, France has serious problems in bilateral relations. Therefore, if in the future Sall will offer his services to Ukraine and the aggressor, then only on behalf of Senegal itself.

In the meantime, it is worth stating an extremely remarkable fact – Marine Le Pen, as the first “foreign visit” of the new “election cycle”, went to a country where the majority of the population, to put it mildly, does not like her, and, moreover, where the influence of official Paris and the same “Macron’s guards” for all possible processes is hundreds of times stronger than that of the “right-wing French opposition”.

But it was in Senegal that Le Pen communicated behind closed doors with, probably, the only person on the continent who, already under the conditions of large-scale Russian aggression, communicated in the same way behind closed doors with the criminal Putin.

Well, how this outrageous neo-colonialism of the French right is connected with nuclear energy, the fish mafia and the actual Russian terrorist structures of the Russian Federation on the Black Continent – you can find out in the following parts of our investigation.

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