In the conditions of the civilized world, the war was and remains a terrible social upheaval that brings grief to millions of people. Open armed aggression and criminal calls for the destruction of the statehood of an independent country have no justification at all, because they are a brutal violation of the norms of international law.

However, in the Russian invaders’ “parallel reality”, the aggressive war is not only criminally “glorified”, they promise corresponding “bonuses” for participating in it. This is a direct encouragement of violence and systemic violations of human rights.

Unfortunately, this reality also touched the occupied Crimea, whose criminal “authority” decided to give Ukrainian lands to the aggressor’s military, who kill and rob Ukrainian citizens, as well as destroy the country’s infrastructure.

The Crimean collaborators announced these criminal intentions several months ago, and are already actively preparing for the illegal process of “allocating” land plots for participants in the criminal “special military operation”.

However, whether the pro-Russian traitors in the Crimea are really planning to “give away” land plots, or is this a common fiction for “mobilized” persons, whom the aggressor had to forcefully drive into the army – the experts of Association of Reintegration of Crimea had to figure it out.

A year before the war, Putin signed a criminal “decree”, which in fact declared a “ban” for Ukrainians to own land plots in the occupied Crimea. The essence of the illegal document is that land plots on the peninsula supposedly “can be owned” only by “citizens of the Russian Federation”.

According to the available data, we are talking about ten thousand such land plots, the owners of which did not want to receive an illegal “Russian passport” under the conditions of occupation or to “re-register” their plots for “citizens of the Russian Federation”. This is a kind of blackmail: buried with a fake “Russian passport” – get rid of your own land. Moreover, the legislation of the aggressor state illegally applied in Crimea “envisages the possibility of forced removal of plots” by “court decision” [1].

At that time, the Russian occupiers illegally “included” most of the districts and cities of the occupied Crimea, which are supposedly “located on the border territory”, in particular, all coastal areas, to the “list of territories” that are supposedly “subject to restrictions for foreigners” [2]. The occupiers announced their criminal intentions not only about the “land plots”, but also about the “capital structures placed on them”, i.e., for example, residential buildings. It is quite cynical to call Ukrainians “foreigners” on their own land, because the whole world does not recognize the attempted annexation of the peninsula. However, it is obvious that the criminal “decree” of the Kremlin’s helmsman was adopted, which is a so called “prospective”. This became clear already in the fall of 2022.

In particular, in September, for the first time, statements appeared from the aggressor regarding the illegal “granting” of land plots in the occupied Crimea to the invaders’ military who “distinguished themselves” in the war against Ukraine. According to the aggressor’s criminal “decision”, the Crimean collaborators had to “adopt legislative acts” and “the procedure for the free transfer of specified land plots” “as soon as possible”. Such criminal “initiatives” were generated by the corresponding “decrees” of Putin, in which he “granted the status of combat veteran” both to the aggressor’s military and to other categories of persons fighting against Ukraine [3].

Obtaining the above-mentioned criminal “status” involves the corresponding fake “benefits”, including the so-called “right to free ownership of a plot of land”. At the same time, the Kremlin plans to criminally solve the “land issue” at the expense of the seized Crimean lands.

According to the aggressor’s criminal plan, such “transfer of land” becomes an illegal “means of additional social support” of the aggressor’s military [4]. In reality, we are talking about attempts to criminally “encourage” the military of aggressor, who are often extremely demotivated, to go to war against Ukraine. The Kremlin criminally believes that a piece of land on the Crimean coast should be an “argument in favor” of participation in Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

Land plots are also promised to family members of aggressor’s military killed in Ukraine. This is probably how the Kremlin criminally plans to force families to “come to” with the fact that their loved ones were simply sent to their deaths [5]. The illegal “authority” of Crimea promptly “adopted all necessary” criminal “legislative acts” and intensified the criminal agitation of Crimean residents to participate in Russian aggression.

The collaborators, led by Serhii Aksyonov, criminally promised to “give land plots on the seashore” not only to “veterans of combat operations”, but also to disabled people who were maimed in the war. However, there is a certain “condition”: “the presence of permanent registration” in the occupied Crimea as of February 24, 2022. According to the Crimean collaborators’ fake statement, “the plots of land will be transferred to state-owned lands” [6]. It can be assumed that the illegal “formation of the fund of such lands” can actively continue due to the forced illegal “removal” of land plots belonging to citizens of Ukraine.

As part of the fake “preparation for the registration of free land plots”, the criminal “Ministry of property and land relations” has already announced that “land plots” will be “provided free of charge” to participants in the war against Ukraine “without bidding”. However, before that, the collaborators criminally added, “the registration of the participants and their family members will be carried out”, and later, as it were, “the selection of areas on the coast near populated areas will be carried out” [7]. It is known that the collaborators criminally promised to “give out” plots of land in four districts of the occupied peninsula: Rosdolnensky, Saksky, Leninsky, and Chornomorsky.

In his statements, the criminal Serhii Aksyonov said that the “local authorities” will “provide the supply of electricity and water” to these areas, on which they plan to “develop” another millions rubles. Aksyonov also stated that in order to illegally “register a land plot” it is necessary to write a statement to the fake “local administration” and “provide a document on the status of a combat veteran”.

It should also be recalled how the aggressor is trying to hide the real victims of the war against Ukraine, where a lot of people are listed as “missing” and therefore it will be very difficult for family members to “prove the fact” of the death of their relative during hostilities.

In general, we can assume that in reality the criminal “authority” of Crimea does not plan to “give out” the promised “land parcels” en masse. This opinion is confirmed by the following occupiers’ statements. At first, the criminal Serhii Aksyonov announced the “beginning of issuing land plots” in April 2023, in the form of “400 square meters for the construction of a private house on the Black Sea coast”.

However, later there was a criminal statement that “land plots will begin to be issued at the end of 2022”, apparently due to “the need to carry out a complex of engineering works and place land plots on cadastral registration”. However, in reality, the Crimean collaborators understand that they will practically not be able to “fulfill” their illegal promises, and are trying to delay.

In addition, there is an assumption that the fake “courts” of the occupied Crimea have certain “procedural” difficulties regarding the “removal” of land plots from citizens of Ukraine, because similar illegal “decisions” of the Crimean collaborators “need a certain time” to “redesign the plots” to the structures of the aggressor.

It should also be taken into account that the illegally promised “land parcels” are far from the infrastructure, and it is necessary not only to bring water and electricity there, but also to build roads, as the criminal “leaders of the districts” in which it is planned to criminally “issue land plots”. The Crimean collaborators admit that at the moment they are talking about plots in a “clear field” that “are not even on the cadastral records”.

Along with this, local collaborators have already reported illegally that there are apparently “Crimea residents who have collected a package of necessary documents” and are “waiting for the allocation of a plot of land”. However, this is where the most interesting begins. The fact is that fake “beneficiaries” will illegally “form a queue” and “land plots will be issued sequentially”.

That is, knowing the traditions of the aggressor, they will have to wait a very long time. Experts also emphasize a number of reasons why the Crimean collaborators simply will not be able to implement their criminal promises. Among them should be counted: the general unsuitability of the announced massifs of land for housing construction, in particular due to the possibility of landslides, unsuitability for capital construction, lack of infrastructure, including sewage.

It is also the absence of illegal “master plan in certain areas”, without which the occupiers will not “understand the origin, purpose, purpose of the land plot” at all. It is also the lack of the “necessary number” of land plots to “satisfy the needs” of all the aggressor’s soldiers, in particular due to the “uncertainty of the circle of persons” who supposedly have the “right to the land plot” [8].

The last “problem” of the aggressor should be discussed in more detail. The fact is that according to the criminal “legislative acts” of the Crimean collaborators, “only Crimean residents will have the right to a plot of land”, i.e., persons who are “registered” by aggressor on the occupied peninsula and took part in armed Russian aggression.

However, the aggressor’s “authorities” criminally declared that this “attraction of unprecedented generosity” also applies to the citizens of Russia from the regions of the terrorist state itself, who “received the status of combat veterans”. The occupying illegal “administration of Sevastopol” and collaborators from the criminal “parliament of Crimea” [9] cannot even imagine this at all. Under these conditions, it is characteristic that the collaborators from Sevastopol, on the contrary, are thinking about “limiting the qualifications” and “giving plots to those who have lived in the city for at least the last three years”. It is stated that the residents of the village of Zhivopisne of the Simferopol district have recently expressed a demand not to distribute the land of their village to the aggressor’s military originating from Russia itself [12].

We will remind that the occupiers do not have a fake “approved master plan” of Sevastopol [9]. The illegal “administrations” of the Saki and Chornomrske districts also stated that they “have only half of the required number of land plots”. In the same Sevastopol, the illegal invaders’ “administration” in such a situation came up with a criminal “Solomon’s solution” – to promise land plots in territories where conflicts between various illegal developers and punishers of the aggressor from various groups continue, such as the plots near the “Molochna Balka” or the North Side of the city along Sapungorska street [10].

The criminal “governor of Sevastopol” Mykhailo Razvozhaev said that he would “ask the Russia’s Ministry of defense” for alleged land for participants of the aggression against Ukraine, which actually creates a criminal “closed circle” of land in the occupied city [11].

Of course, we should remind about the illegality of “allocation of land plots” by Kremlin proteges, who by definition cannot dispose of Ukrainian lands. This contradicts both the norms of international law and the national legislation of Ukraine. Therefore, even if such “distribution” is carried out by the aggressor to what extent, after de-occupation the land will have to be returned to its real owners. Therefore, the prospect of being left without a plot of land, a house built on it, and with a huge loan spent on building materials, is clearly not very attractive.

It is characteristic that the Kremlin does not offer its military grounds in Sochi, where there is also sea and sun. It is easy for the aggressor to promise “land parcels” in the occupied territories, which will soon return to the control of Ukraine. Under such conditions, there will simply be no one to “present claims” from the soldiers of the aggressor, the absolute majority of whom will flee from the Crimea before the de-occupation, and the Kremlin leadership will again deceive its slaves, and it will do it, in particular, by the hands of the Crimean collaborators.



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