Earlier, our Association has repeatedly reported on two possible further criminal options for the aggressor to use “Crimean football” to promote the illegal ideas of the “Russian world”.

Firstly, this is the creation of a fake “unified football championship”, in which teams allegedly “will be able to play” from the Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine, including the Crimea, as well as from “Abkhazia and South Ossetia”. However, the situation of the gradual de-occupation by AFU of mainland Ukraine makes this “championship” quite tragicomic for the aggressor.

Secondly, this is the criminal introduction of the “Crimean teams” into the “Russian football union”, which would already be guaranteed to prevent Russian teams themselves from participating in any international competitions, or, alternatively, the inclusion of “Crimean teams” in the aggressor’s “national football league”, that is – in the “primacy of the second league”.

Now the president of the Russian premier league, Alexander Alaev, has again raised this “case”, stating that the decision on the criminal inclusion of “eight Crimean teams” in the “second league” of Russian football will be made “before the beginning of May” 2023, bluntly admitting that before that for some time the aggressor still harbors some “hopes” for the “return” of Russian teams to UEFA and FIFA, and therefore “postpones the problem of Crimean football”.

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