From December 18 to 21, the aggressor held a “congress of representatives” of the so-called “Russian movement of children and youth” in Moscow. This “movement” was announced by the Russian invaders in May 2022 as part of the intensification of criminal propaganda among young people of aggression, militarization, imperialism and racial intolerance under the guise of the “Russian world”.

This aggressor’s propaganda immediately, in the criminal usual style of the Kremlin, began to wear the criminal “Crimean dimension”, since the initial “call” for “creating an organization similar to the Soviet pioneers” was allegedly sent to Putin from an “ordinary Sevastopol schoolgirl”.

As our Association has already written, the aggressor’s propagandists chose the occupied Sevastopol for the “start of the company” not by chance, since 2014 the Russian occupiers have begun to criminally and massively try to “restore” the Soviet approach to “educating youth” in the spirit, “needed” by the invaders.

The Russian invaders illegally brought “delegations” from the occupied Crimea, Henichesk, Melitopol, Donetsk and Lugansk to the current “congress”, where they promised to “solve the issue of the name of the organization”.

Since even formally this “organization” is under the personal supervision of Putin, who directly controls all “three permanent governing bodies: the supervisory board, the coordinating board and the board”, so the “congress participants” were not even formally “entrusted” with any other issues. The issue of the name was predictably resolved in favor of the “Movement of the First” (“Движение первых”), “launched from above”, and the aggressor decided to refuse a formal return to the “pioneers” at the last moment.

Now the criminal aggressor’s “administrations” in the occupied territories are urgently fulfilling the criminal instruction to “create movement cells in every school”.

However, even the most active collaborators understand that this “reincarnation of the pioneers”, as the Soviet kind of “Hitler Youth”, will not give a special practical effect in the criminal duping of Ukrainian children in the occupied territories, since the degree of the corresponding aggressor’ propaganda has already been brought there to the highest level.

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