Among other “cancellations and postponements” this spring of all kinds of “parades” and “celebrations” by the occupiers in the Crimea, the transfer to Moscow of the propaganda “military song concert” “Road to Yalta”, which the Russian invaders had been holding for four May in a row on the southern coast of Crimea, went quite unnoticed .

However, this criminal show was designed not only for militaristic propaganda, but also, due to its control by Russian spies from “Rossotrudnichestvo”, became a means of criminal attempts to spread the Kremlin’s “Crimean” narratives in third countries.

However, this “concert” has now reached the media solely due to the scandal associated with the planned participation in the “jury of the song contest” of such a “world-class star” as the Italian singer Pupo (Enzo Ginazzi), who is no longer known in his homeland, but in Russia as performer of the “Soviet pop hit” “Gelato al cioccolato”.

Pupo previously took part in this illegal concert in 2021, playing the role of the “international musical community” and was determined to repeat this criminal trick now.

However, despite the little known at home, his direct support for the militaristic “song contests” of the aggressor caused a significant resonance in Italy, after which Ginazzi, having received his “minute of fame” but obviously not in the position he had hoped for, announced that he will not go to Moscow.

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