As it is known, during the illegal construction of the “Crimean Bridge”, the Russian invaders “mastered” colossal sums of money for its construction by firms of the Rottenberg oligarchs close to Putin.

At the same time, the explosions on the “Crimean Bridge” on October 8 showed, among other things, the vulnerability and fragility of its structures, on the restoration of which the aggressor is now again “successfully mastering” “federal funds”.

And on November 17, Andrey Kutepov, head of the economic committee of the aggressor’s federation council, proposed “compensating the costs of repairing the “Crimean Bridge” with the assets of foreign investors from unfriendly countries frozen in Russia.”

The “senator” counted “several hundred billion rubles” of these funds, and his idea pursues two goals at once – not only the enrichment of the structures involved in the “restoration of the bridge”, but also the “transfer of attention” of the aggressor’s population from the billions stolen during the construction to “new funds” from “Russia’s new enemies”.

However, no one is going to stop at these billions under the “bridge” sauce, because now, according to the Russian “media”, the aggressor may also begin to “confiscate assets” and “own” businessmen who “fled the country or showed disrespect for the actions of the Kremlin after 24 February. No one really hides the fact that these measures “hid a banal redistribution of property under a plausible pretext”.

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