The criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev greatly amused the townspeople with a January interview with Russian propagandists from “Rossiya.24″, talking about the development of a “new development program” for the long-suffering “Sevmorzavod”, which will allegedly build “bulk carriers – grain carriers”, “small fishing seiners” for the Black Sea fishing fleet” and “large ships, refrigerators, marine factories” which “is associated with obtaining quotas for catching fish and seafood in the Atlantic”.

The fact that in Crimea the occupiers periodically promise to “wash their boots in the Atlantic Ocean” is far from news for the population; however, in a situation where “Sevmorzavod” itself is clearly being prepared for liquidation, the fake “happy future of the revived enterprise” from Razvozhaev only generated a wave of sarcasm, the mildest question of which was “doesn’t he dream of reviving the pontoon on Radiogorka?”

Let us recall that the storm on November 26 damaged the dilapidated pontoons of the piers of the city’s maritime transport, after which the occupation “authorities” have been telling the population for half a month about all sorts of “alternative options”, from which it is obvious that the invaders cannot do this simple hydraulic structure, what about the corrupt “Mostostroy”, what without it. As Sevastopol residents stated on social networks, the “development of Sevmorzavod” from the “governor” is a banal “squeeze of its coastal territories for the sake of commercial development”.

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