As we wrote after the August explosions on the bridges across the Sivash, the occupiers began to put forward a variety of implausible versions of what happened, including the “terms of repair”. Thus, on August 10, Anatoly Tsurkin, an assistant to the criminal Aksyonov, stated that allegedly “the estimated timeframe for restoring the bridge across the Chongar in the Crimea will be from 7 to 10 days”.

Oleg Kryuchkov, the criminal “advisor” and, in fact, the “information curator” of the same Aksyonov, reacted extremely nervously to this, and on August 11, the criminal “governor on the run” Vladimir Saldo declared that the “repair of the Chongar bridge” allegedly “will last at least a month.”

However, on August 17, the same Tsurkin defiantly “reported” that allegedly “workers restored the roadbed on the Chongar bridge, which had previously been damaged” and allegedly “the bridge was open to traffic”. Kryuchkov immediately “reacted” to this, stating that allegedly “any information on routes, bridges, traffic order and checkpoints is the competence of the Russia’s ministry of transport and relevant departments” of the occupiers and demanded “to stop giving information on these topics, referring to bloggers and social activists as supposedly “published rumors can cause damage”.

The root cause of the “war of dates” is obvious, since different groups of collaborators are trying to demonstrate “control over the situation”, primarily to “demonstrate the possibilities” taking bribes from criminal carriers, and here, for example, the interest of the criminal Saldo group in the “maximum long” “Kherson shoulder” of this route has prosaic “material conversion”.

Against this background, it is worth mentioning the next tragicomic words of the criminal “chairman of the state council” Vladimir Konstantinov about the “inclusion in damage” of the fake lawsuits on the “water blockade” of “funds spent on the restoration of the Crimean bridge and road infrastructure in the north of Crimea”.

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