At the end of 2022, we reported on a garbage scam being carried out by the criminal “government” in Russia-occupied Sevastopol with the participation of collaborator Ilya Zhuravlev and his fake structure “Chistyi Gorod” (“Clean City”).

Then we wrote that “the current “change” will obviously and criminally improve only the financial condition of individual “colonizers” and collaborators, and will clearly not affect the general littering of Sevastopol”, and, as it turned out, we were significantly mistaken in the forecast.

According to Zhuravlev’s “competitors”, close to the Sevastopol collaborator Aleksei Chaly, pushed away from the “trough” by the criminal “administration”, attaching the corresponding “photo and video evidence”, in the first ten days of 2023, an unprecedented garbage collapse covered the occupied Inkerman, Andriivka, Balaklava, Kacha, Ternovka and Verkhnesadove.

On this issue, the criminal “head of the municipality” of the occupied Inkerman, Rodion Demchenko, said that “there is no one to clean it up,” since illegal “funds were received ten times less than necessary for a year,” and fake “contracts were terminated.”

In fact, it can be observed that in the new “garbage scheme” the struggle of criminal “officials” for access to “budgetary funds” began, including through simple blackmail with “garbage that will lie here for a long time”.

At the same time, Demchenko’s criminal “colleague” from the occupied Balaklava, Yevgeny Baboshkin, said that the garbage collapse in the forest adjacent to the city, where, among other things, they began to “slowly” bring part of the waste from the filthy settlement, takes place on the “territory”, which “was not in order”, and therefore he will not take out the garbage from there.

As part of the “garbage discussion”, the fake “head” of the illegal “Sevastopol forestry” Oleg Putsak promised to “clean up the forest”, but immediately admitted that no one would “allocate funds” to him for this.

3Till this day relatively cold weather has saved Sevastopol residents from the direct consequences of this “garbage war” between the clans of collaborators.

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