In the absence of other reasons for joy, the Crimean collaborators decided to “violently celebrate” the 105th anniversary of the creation of the criminal Komsomol, trying to exploit the “Soviet legacy” in their worthless “ideological base”. Vladimir Konstantinov and Efim Fiks decided to “celebrate” their long-gone youth “against the backdrop” of such a “star” as Alexei Onikiy, the former first secretary of the Crimean regional committee of the Komsomol and later the head of the ideological department of the Crimean regional committee of the Communist party.

At one time, it was Onikiy who was on the peninsula a symbol of the mossy and inertia of Soviet ideology, and after 1991 he rather fadedly tried to conduct activities in the interests of the aggressor under the guise of the “union of Crimean Komsomol veterans”, which was not helped by his “dissertation research” on the topic of “continuity political consciousness during generational change”.

It is noteworthy that the mentioned “venerable” collaborators did not particularly invite the current Crimean “communists and Komsomol members” to the “creative evening”, which is easily explained by the fierce struggle for the drying “Kremlin feeding troughs”. Among other things, Fiks was “ashamed” to remember the Sevastopol “secretary of the city Komsomol committee” Alexander Cheremenov, who a year ago became “cargo 200” under rather unsightly circumstances; thus, the elderly “Komsomol members” from the criminal “state council” demonstrate that in their fruitless search for “eternal youth” they clearly do not need competitors.

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