On June 28, a number of aggressor–controlled “media” the “suddenly” began to talk about the “cultural shock at the sight of the development of the Genoese fortress” in Russia–occupied Feodosia

In fact, we are talking about three dozen apartments in houses built or legalized sixty years ago.
And here it is clearly not about the desire of the occupiers to “preserve the monument”, because, as we reported earlier, a number of the same fortress’ towers, where obviously no one lives, are “safely” destroyed all the years of occupation.

And most likely it’s not even about speculation with UNESCO, which the Russian invaders tried to implement by manipulating the “fortress issue” in the first years of the occupation

At the same time, local inhabitants in general are responsible for the place of residence, and they carried out, without “help” from the occupiers, on their own, “subbotniks” and even cleared a medieval fountain.

Naturally, the criminal “administration” does not even promise any alternative housing to modern “castle serfs”. As people write in social networks, most likely the location of the fortress “attracted” the occupiers’ military, which plan to equip their illegal object there.

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