On December 29, a show of fictitious “elections of the head of administration” by an illegal “city council” was planned in occupied Yevpatoria.

Absolutely everyone treated this criminal “procedure” as a “pure formality”, since both the aggressor’s propaganda and the criminal Simferopol-located “government” clearly made it clear that as a result of a short presentation, the current “acting”, Alexander Loskutov will be the criminal “head of administration”.

This was also evident from the completely fictitious “competitors” to Loskutov in this show – Olga Sopko, the so-called “chairman of the board of the Yevpatoriya union of entrepreneurs”, previously the “head of the department” of the newspaper “Yevpatoriyska Zdravnitsa” controlled by the same “administration”, as well as Elena Demidova, the so-called “principal of kindergarten No. 17”, the former “principal of the school” in the village of Zaozerne.

At the same time, the occupiers had in advance, in order to “simplify the situation”, “removed from the competition” the third candidate, Vadim Poroshin, the illegal “head of the town administration’s apparatus”. But on December 29, in the morning, the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov personally said that Loskutov would not “apply for the competition” but at the same time he will “continue to work in our team”.

It is not yet clear – whether this sudden “reverse” is connected with the “deadly compromising evidence” released yesterday by the “civil activist” and Crimean Tatar collaborator Eyvaz Umerov, controlled by Russian military intelligence.

According to it, no later than 2021, Sergei Aksyonov tried to “move” the aggressor’s military unit of the “air defense” from the vicinity of Yevpatoriya, doing this for “valuable land” in the interests of the developer, the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine under Yanukovych Pavel Lebedev, with whom Loskutov could be quite closely connected.

If this is so, then it is obvious that the aggressors’ military decided to “show their teeth” in the fight against other invaders’ punishers in the fight for corrupt and tasty “armchairs” of fake “officials” for their own puppets.

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