In early November, we reported on the detention of the illegal “director” of the fake “state unitary enterprise” (“SUE”) “Sevastopolgaz” Alexander Podturkin by “Simferopol” punishers, allegedly for “abuse of official authority” during his “fruitful activity” in the “Bakhchisarai branch ” of the illegal structure of “Krymgazseti”, due to which “13 million rubles disappeared.”

At the same time, in the invaders-controlled “media”, it was stated that the aggressor’s punishers, having detained Podturkin, allegedly “prevented a huge“ cut ”of budget money, since it was this “ SUE ” that was supposed to “receive more than 2 billion rubles for the regasification of Sevastopol.” Recall that in the occupied city since 2016 there has been a “clone war” between the “SUE”, created directly by the occupiers, and its “namesake”, the fake “public joint-stock company” (“PJSC”) “Sevastopolgaz”.

According to previous publications, “PJSC” received the assets of the company, which belonged to Dmitry Firtash before the occupation, through his “Group DF”, as well as through the “Cypriot Materon Ltd”; also, over time, the fake “administration of Sevastopol” squeezed out “part of the shares” of this “PJSC”. At the same time, it is the illegal “PJSC” that still remains the “key player” in the “consumer gas market” of the occupied city with a “turnover” of 246 million cubic meters, and the occupiers-created “SUE” remains a clear “minority shareholder” with 6 million cubic meters.

At the same time, it is obvious that it is with the use of “SUE” that the occupiers want to “launder” “infrastructure funds”, in particular, the illegal gas pipeline project along the bottom of the Sevastopol Bay, the criminal “contract” for which with the company “Beltruboprovodstroy” was recently “by a strange coincidence” was mentioned in some so-called “Sevastopol media”.

At the same time, by the same “coincidence of circumstances”, and in the same way, these “media” now report that the “plunderer Podturkin” actually “resolved all issues” with the Simferopol-located aggressor’s punishers “sits quietly on vacation and is not subjected to pressure”. Thus, the “gas war” in the occupied Sevastopol entered a “new stage”.

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