The aggressor continues to implement criminal plans to fabricate “elections” on the Russia-occupied mainland of Ukraine; earlier, we repeatedly wrote about the role of the “Sevastopol team” in these processes, including the Siberian PR manager Sergei Tolmachev, who was transferred to the occupied Melitopol.

Now the aggressor has made public the so-called “lists of candidates” from “United Russia” for the “elections” in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhya Region, and it is obvious that these people will be declared criminal “deputies”.

In addition to the relatives of the criminal “governor” Yevgeny Balitsky – Yevgenia and Konstantin Zaitsevs and Alexander Balitsky, many Crimean collaborators can be found on the “lists”, due to the obvious lack of an appropriate “personnel reserve” for the aggressor on the occupied mainland.

In particular, the “lists” include the Sevastopol collaborator Alexander Sinyavsky, a “self-defense” militant and “adviser” of the criminal Sergei Aksyonov, who is engaged in general criminal scams in Sevastopol under the guise of “organizing sports events”.

Also in the “lists” was noted the fake “ataman” of the “Union of Cossacks of Crimea” Sergey Yurchenko, after actively assisting the invasion of the aggressor in Crimea, who fought against Ukraine in the Luhansk Region also within the framework of the “Cossacks”.

The criminal “deputies” will also obviously be the former Crimean “militia” Vladislav Ashcheulov, already “embedded” in the criminal “administration” of the Russian invaders in Melitopol, the Crimean Tatar collaborator from the fake “Bakhchisarai town council” Shevket Bekirov, and the transport swindler from the Aksyonov clan Anatoly Tsurkin, who has been repeatedly described by us.

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