As the occupiers-controlled “media” reported in “Sevastopol parent publics”, there were reports of the activation of the so-called “PMC Ryodan”, with the placement of allegedly “screenshots of notifications in the Telegram messenger that came to children”.

It is obvious that the sharp activation of “PMC Ryodan” in the Russia-occupied Crimea occurred primarily through the use of social networks. At the same time, the same occupiers’ propaganda stated that in Bakhchisaray the criminal “policemen” allegedly “suppressed an attempt to organize a mass brawl”, in a “50-50 format” and “detained its organizers”.

The aggressor’s propaganda states that allegedly “representatives of the suddenly gaining popularity of the youth movement from Sevastopol decided to hold a mass brawl with youth from the Crimea”.

This, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the previous activities of the “Redanites”, who were clearly not defeated on a “regional basis”.

At the same time, it should be especially noted that the real interests of the Crimean youth and the aggressor’s nine-year-old criminal propaganda efforts are in different dimensions.

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