On May 4, former French Prime Minister François Fillon said that “if he wants to sell pâté on Red Square in Moscow, he will”, responding to well-founded allegations of ties to Russia by the French parliament.

Politician François Fillon served as prime minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, and in 2017 participated in the Republican presidential race, considered the favorite, but lost votes after the press exposed a number of his corruption schemes.

At the same time, until 2022, Fillon worked on the board of directors of “Sibur” and “Zarubezhneft”, thus being a politician openly paid by the Kremlin.

Naturally, Fillon also “worked out” the criminal “Crimean narratives” of the Kremlin, criminally stating in 2017 in an interview with “Le Figaro” that it was supposedly “useless to say that Russia should leave” the peninsula.

It is noteworthy that the plot with the sale of food by the French is the key to the aggressor’s propaganda.

Let us recall that the occupiers set up an illegal “ice cream shop” in Yalta for Philippe Olivier, Marine Le Pen’s son-in-law and ally, and also boast of some French citizens who allegedly “successfully” run a “small business” in the occupied Crimea in winemaking and cheese production.

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