In Sevastopol, the residents of eight allotment associations in Yukharina Balka have to get to schools,hospitals, and work places through the forest and field, as far as there are no roads.
Thus, the allotment association TAVRIA is one of the most populous allotment associations. Overthere, there are about 240 households. Moreover, multi-child families and pensioners reside there. Asthe locals say, there have not been any roads for a long time. All the petitions addressed to thecompliant institutions turned to be fruitless.
There is no road, so the public transport does not work. The elderly people and children have to walkfor about four kilometres through the forest plantations and field, to Kamyshovoye Highway to take abus passing by.
The people have difficulties while moving on the ground road, too. In summer, when it is dry, it ispossible somehow or other to drive off-the-road, over the pits and low spots. However, in autumn,after rain, the road is transformed into an impassable swamp.
As they report in Transport Department, they will be able to equip the ground road with modernservices and utilities and pave 4 km of the ground road with asphalt, only if some funds are donated.Nevertheless, for the year 2020, there are no funds provided for equipping the road network withmodern services and utilities.

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