On the morning of February 28, the Russian occupiers made two contradictory statements regarding some problems with radio broadcasting in the occupied peninsula. First, Aksenov’s criminal “adviser” Oleg Kryuchkov announced that “another hacker attack was carried out on the broadcasting of radio “More “”.

Further, he also stated that the transponder of the satellite operator was allegedly hacked, and that the “satellite signal transmitters were turned off,” but at the same time, allegedly, “on-air broadcasting was not affected.”

Videos have been posted on social networks, from which it follows that a “threat of a missile attack” was reported on this radio.

Recall that radio “More”, among a number of others, has been criminally broadcast since the summer of 2022 by the invaders not only in the Crimea, but also in the occupied areas of the Kherson region. At the same time, the illegal occupiers’ “TV and radio company Krym” controls this illegal broadcasting, in which the same Kryuchkov “works fruitfully”.

It is noteworthy that simultaneously with these reports of an alleged “hacker attack”, the criminal occupiers’ “Ministry of emergency situations” stated that “the verification of the warning system scheduled for” March 1 “will take place without turning on electric sirens and loudspeakers”, allegedly “taking into account the difficult situation in the Crimea”

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